Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apparently I'm a Creepster

Holy cow Flash, let's get out of here!
Me at the park.
Hey, at least I'm out
 of my sweatpants!
     The park that Flash Speedman and I usually go to is never busy, in fact more often than not we're the only people there. This seemed a little anti-social of us so yesterday we decided to venture out to a park that we had never been to before, it may have been Mistake #1. This park was busy, like insane children in every direction, wondering if the play structure was designed to hold that many 40 lb kids at one time, busy. It seemed like the majority of kids there were older, rough housing, screaming, hitting boys and Flash was obviously overwhelmed (honestly, so was I) so we hung back for a little while, taking in the mayhem from afar. 

     Luckily, I had brought along my camera hoping to get some cute fall pictures of Flash, so we started having a little photo session, Mistake #2. It's like every mom/grandmother/nanny radar in a 10 mile radius went off, "Stranger at OUR park with a camera! DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!" To the best of my knowledge I am not a threatening looking person. I can't imagine that I looked like some pervert, skulking around, trying to take pics of kids I don't know. I was just a mom taking pictures of my kid playing in leafs, to send to the Grandparents. 

    Finally, a large hoard of possibly psychotically deranged boys were rounded up for volleyball practice and we made our move to the playground. Flash instantly took of to exploring leaving me to take my mothers advise and "go meet other moms", Mistake #3. The other moms obviously had not yet forgotten that I was a possible child snatcher and suddenly I was the pimply faced new kid surrounded by the popular girls in a weird high school flashback. I was not to be associated with. Lesson learned, from here on out we will do nothing to call attention to ourselves, especially anything that might brand me as belonging on some sort of registry for felons.

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  1. That park is weird...those nannies/moms were crazy paranoid...that sucks that that experience brought back those HS memories.

    My niece is up for homecoming queen and is captain of the dance squad and uber popular (at a HUGE public school too) and when she asked me if Miguel and I would come see her be announced queen (granted she doesn't actually know if she's won yet but assumes she has) I told my husband, those were the girls I hated in HS, except she's actually smart (not that we had very many, and in our class in particular we didn't have any "true" popular people as far cliques go) - haha...so THIS Friday, I will be going to my first HS homecoming football game just a few years late.