Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween: Very last minute decoration ideas!

     Happy Halloween all! We only have a few more hours before the sun sets and we're invaded by tiny princesses, monsters, or in our case, a chicken. If you're just now running out to buy candy to appease the masses, here are a couple decoration ideas that require things you may have laying around your house already.
Find a glass jar in your recycling/trash and use painters tape to block out a face or design. Spray paint or hand paint on a few layers of paint till you have decent coverage.

The Handy Man Had the great suggestion to paint the inside back of the jar white so the light from the battery powered tea light would be more reflective. He constantly lives up to his name!

This would be super cute if you used a range of different size jars and used different colors.

Dress Up Your Pumpkins
It doesn't get any easier than this! If you have an cute fabric scraps laying around use them to decorate pumpkins! Lace works very well, looks great, and can add to the creepy Halloween vibe! I just tied strips of black lace on and tied a bow in the back.

Carve or Paint
It's not too late to carve a pumpkin! Last night was the first time in forever The Handy Man had carved a pumpkin. He was super nostalgic about it! 
If your little one isn't quite old enough to help carve a pumpkin or is scared of the gooey insides like Flash (not something she gets from mom or dad) bust out the finger paints and let them paint a pumpkin! Flash had fun painting pumpkins with her friend VJ this afternoon!
A squirrel took some chunks out of the middle pumpkins mouth :(

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