Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DIY: CBCDNT (Do It Yourself: Can Be Completed Durning Nap Time)

Cardboard roll slices also make great cat toys. Everybody wins!
     I love crafty projects. I enjoy the process of making something and assuming it turns out the way I intended it to, I love being able to show off my handy work. Ever since Baby Girl came along I have a new appreciation for crafts that are cheap, quick, easy, and doesn't require me to make a special trip to the craft store.  I was really excited (it doesn't take much) when I came across this DYI project for Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art on one of my favorite websites, Design Sponge. This would be a great project to have your kids do although yesterday mine was licking finger paint off her hands so we've got a while before she attempts it. Everything it requires I either had in the house or had to rummage through our recycling bins to find. Scissors, check. White glue, check. And of course, toilet paper/paper towel rolls, check! It took me about twenty minutes cut, arrange all the pieces out, and then glue them all together. The result isn't half bad for something that took up very little of a Mommies Free To Do Whatever The Hell She Pleases and You Can't Stop Her Moment quiet moment to myself. I had a limited number of cardboard rolls laying around so I didn't quite achieve the size and shape that I wanted but I'll to save up some more and make it a little bigger and maybe paint it in the future.
     If any of you creative folk have a quick and easy DYI: CBCDNT you'd like to share, I love to hear about it!

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