Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Friday. I need a bottle of wine and a priest.

     It's Friday morning and just like all Friday mornings recently I've woken up afraid. Afraid of what exactly?
Afraid of this ->   That folks, is the face of evil, at least on Friday's. It began a month ago when Flash Speedman started going to daycare every Thursday. Now Flash loves going to daycare. She gets so excited when we pull up and the second she gets to her class room I'm a distant memory. When I pick her up later that afternoon she is all giggles and smiles and an all around happy kiddo. 
     Then Friday morning arrives and my sweet little girl goes missing and is replaced by a kid I'm not all that fond of. She whines. She screams. And if I'm not paying attention to her every second and doing everything in my power to keep her entertained then she whines and screams at the same time at a super sonic pitch, it's not a human sound. Heaven forbid I have to tell her "no" or take something away from her.

     All I want on these Fridays is for it to be nap time so I can guzzle a bottle of wine and rock myself in the fetal position, but nap time never comes. It seems this evil that over takes my child needs no rest and thrives on sleepy grumpiness. 

     I can only come to one conclusion, on Fridays, Flash is possessed, it's the only logical explanation.  I'm not sure what one does for a possessed toddler. Should I call that priest from The Exorcist? All I know is if her head starts spinning 360* I'm gone. I'll be back tomorrow when my happy baby girl returns.

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