Friday, October 21, 2011

Introducing Flash Speedman

Flash Speedman at her finest!
     Today feels like a good day to introduce the person that makes me qualified (however little) to write a blog about my experiences with motherhood, my baby girl, Flash Speedman. Flash will be 16 months next week and she is the reason for most of the joy and most of the stress in my life. You hear people with kids say "I never knew I could love somebody so much" and I always thought 'Yeah, sure. You know what I really love more than anything? My collection of LAMB sneakers." And then Flash came along and everything else went out the window (not literally, throwing my LAMBs out would be tragic).

     Now before someone feels the need to contact Child Protective Services, because generally only an unstable person would bestow such a name upon a child, Flash Speedman is only a moniker for the sake of this blog. While I was still in the early months of my pregnancy my aunt Ellen suggested we name our little fetus so we could stop referring to it as "it" in that pre-knowing-the-sex stage. I don't remember how Flash Speedman came to be that nickname, something tells me The Handy Man came up with it. Anyways, once we found out we were having a girl and after the painful process of choosing a real name, Flash sort of fell by the wayside, forgotten until last night when I realized it needed to make a come back. 

    Flash Speedman fits her perfectly now, she is constantly on the go! After months of insisting on holding our hands when she wanted to walk around she finally realized that we were slowing her down and has been walking on her own for about a month and staying still is not an option. She wants to be involved in everything that she shouldn't be and wants nothing to do with the thing's you'd like her to be. She likes rearranging all the furniture and emptying drawers and cabinets. She can spot an unbaby proofed area from a mile away and has a radar for trouble thats always spot on. And you know what? I love it. Just when I think I have managed to keep her away from something she figures out how to get it and I realize what  learning process it must have been for her and what a learning process it is for me.


  1. I remember when "Flash Speedman" made its first appearance on FB - I think it's brilliant! Love this blog! :)

  2. We want more of Flash!

  3. Thanks Bonnie! Please pass it along to any mommies you know who might find it entertaining and/or relatable!

  4. And don't worry mom or dad, plenty more Flash to come!